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Post operative cataract surgery


Take it easy on the first day.  Although you may feel fine, you are advised to go home and rest.  Avoid heavy lifting for the first week.  


Return to Dr Wine’s rooms the next morning where your eye dressing will be removed.  You will need to tape the protective plastic shield over the operated eye at night for the first three nights.  Try not to rub or press too hard on the eye.  Bring sunglasses with you. 


It is common for the eyes to feel uncomfortable after cataract surgery and lubricant drops can be used to ease discomfort.


Do not swim for two weeks following your operation.  You may shower, bathe and use hair shampoo any time following your operation but try to avoid getting dirty or soapy water, in your operated eye for two weeks.


It is not unusual to suffer some mild discomfort.  If this occurs, take Panadol or Panadeine tablets.  Should you experience real pain that is not relieved by medication, please contact Dr Wine straight away.


Recommence all usual medications.


After your operation you will need to use the drop as described below. Be careful not to touch the tip of the bottle with your lashes or fingers.

If you go home from the surgery with your eye padded, you do not need to apply the drop on the first day until after Dr Wine removes the padding.

Day of Surgery:

Combined Post Operative drop - 1 drop every 2 hours until bed


Combined Post Operative drop - 1 drop 3 times per day



If the eye becomes red or vision decreases in the first week after the operation, contact us immediately on 9477 1109, as it could be a sign of early infection.

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